CADapult ITeam is a Systems Integrator and Solutions Provider located in Newark, Delaware. CADapult ITeam was founded in 1986 and is privately owned. With clients in the Delaware Valley and Baltimore Metropolitan Area, CADapult ITeam provides Network Design and Integration for fast growing small and medium sized architectural and engineering firms.

CADapult ITeam provides our customers with everything they need to operate, manage and enhance their constantly growing computer and network environments. We offer proactive support to our clients’ internal Information Technology Department, and at other times we are our client’s IT Department. Our technical and business expertise allows us to evaluate our client’s needs and design and implement custom tailored solutions.

In addition to hardware and software procurement, CADapult ITeam offers strategic planning, system design, implementation, technical support, consulting, project management and many other customized service offerings. These service offerings enable our clients to operate their information technology systems at peak efficiency, while reducing overall costs and downtime. Some areas of expertise include:

  • Data back-up
  • Network security
  • Network assessments
  • Virtualization
  • LAN/WAN support
  • Spam & virus firewalls

CADapult ITeam is your full service resource for all information technology needs. Supporting day-to-day operations, enhancing current systems or integrating new solutions, CADapult ITeam is dedicated to delivering the highest quality customer service and IT solutions.
ITeam Top 10

  1. ITeam provides Stress-Free IT
  2. ITeam outsourcing is cost-effective
  3. ITeam provides trained professionals to make
          sure your network runs well
  4. ITeam allows your non-IT professional spend their
          time on billable hours
  5. ITeam provides preventative care for your network
  6. ITeam provides weekly anti-virus updates
  7. ITeam stays up-to-date on the latest technology
          issues and identifies what your systems need
  8. ITeam techs work for you when you need them
  9. ITeam has several techs who know your network
10.  ITeam develops a disaster recovery plan for you
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