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CADapult LTD empowers architects, designers, engineers, facilities managers and contractors with necessary software and solutions to increase productivity, transform challenges into opportunities, and gain competitive advantage. Since starting our business in 1986, CADapult Ltd, an Autodesk Reseller and Registered Developer, provides software, CAD and BIM consulting, training, applications and IT support solutions to our clients. We are dedicated to bringing value to our customers and are committed to a more sustainable future.

When you partner with CADapult Ltd you get a team of specialists that can support you during all phases of a project lifecycle: from planning to design through operations and facilities management. We are ready to help you with select or complete solutions for software, hardware/IT support, implementation, training, and project work. We partner with Autodesk, Citrix, Microsoft, and Dell to bring you world class solutions.

2015-01-08_11-20-11You can expand your capabilities efficiently

Get new projects

  • It can be a balancing act to hold down your costs while adding new services to stay competitive, like BIM, 3D modeling and collaborative sharing of files between the trades.
  • Lean on us to help you get today’s project done—and make progress on raising your company’s game for tomorrow too.

Do more and spend less

  • Use new tools to optimize your workflow to gain the leverage to take on larger projects with your existing staff.
  • Optimize new processes like BIM to create better-organized projects with fewer costly fire drills.
  • Communicate clear visuals to all stakeholders so you
    can get faster decisions and prevent misunderstandings.

Use the tools that are right for your projects

  • Don’t be forced into a generic solution or something that’s bigger than it needs to be. At CADapult we take the time to understand your projects and recommend
    whatever will best serve your needs.
  • Stay current with changing technology and amplify your team’s strengths while streamlining your business.

We believe in keeping things simple
The focus is always on how software can best be applied to bring your projects to reality.

Goals are realistic

  • We help you add to your capabilities in steady bite-size pieces so you can get where you need to be without disruption to your projects or budget.

Steps are clear

  • We put a lot of preparation into discovery days and implementation plans so you can see what will be done, why and how long it will take.

Service is a pleasure

  • Personal, friendly service is what we’re known for! We’re here to answer questions, pitch in to help and adapt to the types of projects you do.

You can rely on CADapult to be there for you
Our customers stick with us for decades because we truly listen to their needs and work hard to help them succeed.

How can we help you today?

CADapult’s team has extensive backgrounds working in companies like yours and with all types of building and infrastructure professionals. We use a consultative approach. When you meet us you’ll see that we understand your business.

Technology planning
We’ll help you get a good handle on what’s possible, so you can decide what tools and capabilities to add to your company.
• Help you keep up with change
• Share industry best practices and trends
• Confirm that you’re on the right path

There are several valid approaches to BIM. CADapult supports whichever is right for you. We’ll map out a detailed plan.
• Show you what BIM can do
• Help you move from 2D to 3D and BIM
• Expand BIM to go beyond the basics
• Provide outsourced BIM work

Every firm serves a different need in the marketplace and we’ll align our recommendations to your company’s focus.
• Autodesk® design suites for building and infrastructure
• AutoCAD®, Revit®, AutoCAD® Civil 3D, CadapultFM
• Navisworks® for project reviews
• Easy upgrade and renewal tracking

Hardware and managed IT services
Be ready to handle anything your customers need next, with systems optimized for your projects.
• Support your infrastructure and network
• Recommend Autodesk-specific hardware
• Move your network when your office moves
• Help with mobile devices and the cloud
• Procure workstations, servers and other hardware

We’ll help you become more competitive and profitable in incremental steps.
• Assess your setup, drawings and process
• Set up your graphics standards and templates
• Coach you on a real project
• Improve your accuracy and efficiency
• Help you expand your service offerings
• Migrate data and set up links to corporate systems

Training and support
You’ll master techniques easily because we teach with your current projects and the best learning strategies.
• Raise your productivity with software
• Focus on what’s relevant to your projects
• Teach you at your office in our mobile lab, at our office or over the web
• Jump on screen remotely to help you
• Get you to the right person quickly for answers

Project services
Offer new services and flexibility to building owners without having to hire someone full time. Our experienced team is here to lend a hand.
• Provide drafting and production help
• Handle the BIM for your project
• Do BIM coordination and project monitoring
• Create studies, renderings or 3D visualizations
• Update your floor plans and link them to your FM
• Access laser scanning, 3D printing and more

CADapult is the creator of Cadapult FM, cost-effective modular software for facilities management and maintenance. It’s used for corporate, government, education, pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities worldwide.
• You can be up and running in less than 30 days
• Integrates with Revit and AutoCAD
• Runs on multiple devices and platforms in the cloud or on premise
• Supports multiple languages

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