Whats New in AutoCAD 2016: New OSNAP!


autocad-badge-128px-hd If you have ever taken one of my AutoCAD classes, you may have heard me push a certain tool called Object Snap Tracking, where you can acquire points on an object to get a true point where an object snap won’t typically work.

Well, this new Object Snap kind of does the exact same thing, and it’s awesome. It’s called Geometric Center.



What this allows you to do is basically snap to the center of, say, a closed Polyline.

ACAD2016 GeoCntr




OK, I may be over-exaggerating this a bit but I love this new Osnap! This could be done before by using Object Snap Tracking but now it’s sooooo much easier.


Keep coming back for more “What’s New” in 2016 as we look more into other 2016 products like AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD MEP, AutoCAD Map, InfraWorks 360 and more as they are released.

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