Getting the Most Out of Your Suite



noun \ˈswēt, süt\

  1. a group of rooms that is used for one purpose
  2. a group of rooms in a hotel that is used by one person, couple, family, etc.
  3. a piece of music that is made up of many short pieces that are taken from a larger work (such as a ballet)
  4. a portfolio of inter-operable 3D design software that supports BIM- and CAD-based workflows separated into discipline specific groups: Building Design, Infrastructure Design, Product Design, AutoCAD Design, Entertainment Creation, Factory Design, Plant Design

These suites, as you know, have been out for a little while now. Some of you have grasped the ‘suite’ concept and have been utilizing the many products included in the suites. However, some of you have purchased these suites and are only using one or two of the products.

One of the big downplays is “I don’t need the other products” or “I don’t know what the products do so i’ll just continue using the products i do know”.

Well, i’m here to tell you that you probably do need the other products, you just need to know what those other products do so you can better utilize them and turn out a better, more complete project.

We can help with all of these questions and concerns. We offer free half-day workflow classes (to CADapult subscription customers) and we offer full, hands-on training on these products (see our CADapult Training page on this blog for more information), or customized training that meet the needs of your company. Either way, WE CAN HELP!



A question I hear all the time is “what products come with these suites?” Each suite has 3 tiers: Standard|Premium|Ultimate. Below is an outline of the main Design Suites and the products that are included within each tier:


ADS 2015



BDS 2015



IDS 2015



ECS 2015

Check back soon for more posts regarding the workflows for these suites…

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